Win-Win Solutions

August 4, 2022. After years of data synthesis, the Ecological Levers for Health Working Group published their systematic literature review of 46 potential win-win solutions for reducing human infectious disease burdens and advancing conservation goals. “The proposed solutions addressed diverse conservation threats and human infectious diseases, and thus, the proposed interventions varied in scale, costs,Continue reading “Win-Win Solutions”

Welcome Kenzie!

June 28, 2022. Kenzie Pereira was awarded an NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship to join the Sustainable Health Ecology Lab in August, but she arrived in Raleigh in time for a late June ice cream party! Kenzie will be researching physiological interactions between snake endoparasites and ophidiomycosis. She’ll also be doing an impressive array of outreach activitiesContinue reading “Welcome Kenzie!”

Batty for Undergrad Research

April 7, 2022.In summer and fall of 2021, undergraduate student Sophie Meng worked in the Sustainable Health Ecology Lab on a project to use satellite imagery to quantify forest cover over caves in Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia. She found that when forest cover was dense, Tri Colored Bats were more likely to be present inContinue reading “Batty for Undergrad Research”